About Us

Jeremy Blaze
Founder & UX Lead
London, UK
Prakash Ghodke
Senior UI Designer
Vadodara, India
Vitalii Prokopenko
UI Designer
Anas Bin Zia
Junior Designer

Our Why

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We're NBS. A product agency with a love for shipping new products.

We love shaping ideas at the early stage. We love solving problems, making things beautiful, making mistakes, and moving quickly to fix them.

We love the zero->one journey.

More than anything, we believe that good design should be more accessible to early-stage companies, and not a consideration made only when bad design starts causing issues.

Hiring in-house design normally isn't an option at the early stage. So startups rely on freelancers. Which – if you've tried it – you'll know will give you a headache in about 3 minutes.

We're the in-house team for when you aren't quite ready for an in-house team. We're in your Slack and in your standups. We know your product, your users and your problems. We jam on solutions together, and move as a team.

Our team is small. And we don't work with many companies.

We love long-term partnerships that let us get in the trenches with founders and with products, and understand problems deeply.

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