How we work

Never Before Seen started in 2018 when our founder, Jeremy, saw the growing gap between traditional agencies and the startups they serviced. Today, we’re a full-service product design agency built to bring your vision to life.

Our process

This is how we build and design products that delight. We’ll strategise, collaborate, and become an integral part of your team.
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First, we get to know you

We’ll put in the hard yards to learn all about your business and what makes you unique. This is our first step, but it’s one that never stops.

We take this part of the process very seriously, so we’ll be jumping in on standups, talking to team members, and doing our research in order to understand your users, your market, your past decisions and your future vision.

Then, we make a plan

We’ll blueprint a general strategy for how we’ll go about it, whether it’s designing a product, building a brand or launching a website. This phase is highly collaborative — we want your input to make sure you and your team are happy with what we’re planning and where we’ll end up.

And then we get to work

We'll become a fully-fledged part of your team, working internally rather than externally. The way we integrate our team with yours is what sets us apart from other agencies, and it helps us design better solutions and create better outcomes for your company.

(And the work doesn't stop)

We’re here long-term for ongoing design support. Building a startup is an iterative process, which means products and branding need constant tweaking, and new projects crop up all the time. Don’t worry — we’re built for this. We’re always here when you need us.

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Over the last 3+ years we have devised a fully transparent, collaborative approach to product design that keeps everyone in the loop and makes design decisions clear as day.
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