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Over the last 3+ years we have devised a fully transparent, collaborative approach to product design that keeps everyone in the loop and makes design decisions clear as day.
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Design should never be farmed out. We've devised a process which lets us integrate fully with your team so we can do design together.

In-sync where it matters

For the tricky stuff, nothing beats workshopping ideas together as a team, so when it comes to strategy, problem solving and ideation, jumping on a call is our preferred method.

Async everywhere else

Wherever we can we handle design briefing and feedback asynchronously. This saves everyone from a whole lot of unnecessary meetings. See how we do this here.

Transparent at all times

Figma access for all! We share our working files direct lywith clients for easy collaboration.
“We originally came to NBS for our marketing site but ended up being so impressed that we handed over a large part of the build of our platform to the them. I couldn't recommend the Never Before Seen team highly enough.”
Bill Kerr
CEO at Athyna

The two stages of product design

We like to view the product design process in two distinct stages. You might refer to these as UX and UI. They both have huge amounts of overlap and we often switch between them with alarming rapidity, but the activities we undertake in each are quite different.


[ʃeɪpɪŋ] verb
figuring out what a product or feature should do
(sometimes referred to as 'UX')
The shaping stage is when we figure out what we're building.

This can include journey mapping, competitor research and a whole slew of other activities. We like to handle the bulk of this inside 2-4 person workshops. This helps us share our knowledge and come quickly to solutions, which we can then wireframe and test.


[dɪˈzaɪnɪŋ] verb
figuring out how a product or feature will look and work
(sometimes referred to as 'UI')
Once we know roughly what we're building, we need to figure out how it's going to work.

This is when we get into UI. In this phase we'll create high-fidelity mockups, build design systems, explore aesthetics and get it ready for developers to start building.

Our Design Stack

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Figma access for all! We share our working files direct with clients for easy collaboration.
This is a project tool of our own making, which syncs up with Figma comments letting us address design tasks at light speed.
Our team connects right into where your team is already working.
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Design Support

Get a full design team for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house. Subscription clients are our top priority and can expect lightning fast turnarounds. We'll be in on standups and acting as much like an internal part of your team as possible.
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