Product Design & Strategy

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Product is our bread and butter. We practice lean design, providing a pragmatic, fast and effective way for early-stage companies to get great design that meets the needs of users and also the company.

Design Thinking Workshops

When we’re up against a design or product challenge, often the best thing for it is to work through it together in real-time. We run regular desgin thinking sessions with clients where we sketch out rough mockups to quickly figure out what will and won’t work.

Research-Driven Problem Solving

Any time we ask “how should this work?”, we turn to existing products or advisors. More often than not, somebody has already encountered and overcome this challenge. We try not to reinvent the wheel and instead defer to the people who’ve already done the research.

Remote & Asynchronous

Wherever possible we keep conversations in Slack, and tasks in Mast. This means when we do hop on a call we won’t waste time discussing small design details and can focus on the big picture challenges ahead f us.

Strategy Transparency

In asynchronous design teams it can be difficult to keep track of why certain product decisions were made. Clearly documenting design iterations makes sure nobody is guessing why we did something a certain way.

Design Systems

A comprehensive and well documented design system saves everyone time in the long run, and lets everybody get involved in quickly mocking up concepts using existing elements. Every product project we work on has a design system.

Quality Assurance

We run regular QA cycles, pouring over developed features for errors in implementation, or just simply for things that can be improved.
"We searched long and hard for a UI/UX designer and we're extremely thankful to have found Never Before Seen. Highly skilled, reliable and combines strategic insights with great design. They’ve been fundamental to our success."
Traviss Orr
Co-Founder & CEO
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How do you structure billing for product design projects?