Let's cut to the chase. You know how much you're able to spend, and we know what we need to be paid. Here's some rough pricing for our services.
One-Off Project
Fixed Fee
For one-off projects we can agree on a price beforehand and work to that. One-off projects are things like websites, visual identity designs and other work which has clearly defined scope.
Available for work
Part-Time Design Support
per month
If you need ongoing design assistance, we try to come up with a monthly subscription fee to cover this. The fee is based on the approx. number of hours we expect the work to take each month.
3 seats available
Dedicated Design Support
per month
Part-time support not enough? Dedicated Design Support means we act as your full design team. That means you're our top priority and can expect lightning fast turnarounds on work.
1 seat available

Why hire us instead of hiring your own team?

Hiring designers in-house can be very expensive. Normally you will need at least 3 people to cover the range of work required (UX, UI, Brand, Marketing, Research etc). You will also need someone to coordinate design more holistically.

With NBS, you can get all of this for a fraction of the cost to hire these skills in-house. Our design lead, Jeremy, will serve as Design Manager, and our team of designers can work on specific projects as they crop up.

Want to learn more? Book a call with Jeremy and we can talk it all over.
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Project price guide

This is an indication of how much you're likely to spend on a project.
  • Product Design
    Product work varies hugely, so please get in touch for a proper quote tailored to your requirements.
  • Websites
    For an ~5 page custom designed website (excludes development which normally costs about the same as the design)
  • Landing Pages
    For a single-page custom designed website (excludes development)
  • Visual Identities
    Logo, colours, social media assets and more. If we're also doing a website for you, the visual identity cost is often slightly reduced
  • Branding
    This can include naming, brand positioning, copywriting, competitor analysis and more
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