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Intro: So You Want To Start A Startup (Series)

December 2, 2021

As most people in the tech industry can probably relate, I get approached a lot by people wanting to build an app. To be clear, these aren’t prospective clients or business partners, these are people who have an idea and simply don’t know what to do next.

The world of startups has always been pretty welcoming of new founders, but it can still be difficult to get started without technical skills, which is why so many founders began as designers or developers. The good news is this is changing.

No-code tools have only been around for a very short time, but there is already such an incredible supply of them that someone who knows their way around them will be able to out-build most developers.

No-code tools let anyone with reasonable computer abilities (which if you’re reading this you probably have) build custom applications that are pretty much indistinguishable to ones built by teams of developers. They’re fast, they’re cheap and they’re undoubtedly the best way to get a startup off the ground on a shoestring budget.

What you will gain from this 5 part series

There’s a lot more to launching a startup than the build. To launch you need to have considered your business strategy (revenue streams, customer acquisition, suppliers and so much more) and designed a product that creates value for its users. You also have to know how to sell this product to consumers, because even the best products if marketed poorly will get nowhere.

There are five chapters…

  1. Is it a business? – Creating a business strategy
  2. The MVP approach – What should be in your go-to-market product?
  3. Becoming a Designer in a day – App design and branding
  4. Becoming a Software Developer in a day – Choosing the right tools and building your product, all by yourself
  5. Launch and beyond – Finding product/market fit, scaling, securing venture capital and knowing when to quit

Step 1 is available now! You can read it here

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